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Comming Soon! ! Ligth:Beyond the Bulb an exhibit to celebrate the international year of light!

Discover the stories behind the art

Enjoy the fascinating stories behind your favorite pieces. Get to know the artist, their inspiration and the vibrant history of the collections and exhibits. Take Kaleri with you around the museums for a deeper museum experience.

Interact with other visitors

Comment, rate and see what other people say about a piece, an exhibit or a museum. Your ratings, comments and opinions will also be seen by artists and curators, so your suggestions might make a difference!

Collect your experiences

Having trouble remembering and organizing what you have seen? Just by viewing an art piece it will be added to your personal online gallery. Revisit your collections and manage your favorite art anytime, anywhere.

Join a vibrant art community

Benefit from belonging to an active community of art lovers. Learn more and share your experiences with family, friends and followers. Become an art expert and contribute by publishing your own tours, posting or translating content for the community and giving recommendations.

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